A Problem with Dropdown Menu style

Hello Adtrid support team,

I have a problem with my dropdown menu on my website now, we can not choose the sub menu, because they are very low. So can you give me the solution as soon as possilble?

My website: www.gtautoaccessories.com

thanks and best regards,


Go to Appearance > Editor and add this at the bottom of your style.css:

.main-navigation ul ul ul {
     top: 0 !important;

You might also want to change your primary color as that dark color is barely visible on top of the header image.

Thanks a lot Vlad, I solved the problem. You’re right, I will change the primary color now.


Hi Vlad, one more question, can I change the content of footer?

You can make a child theme and you can overwrite the footer.php file from there.