A few questions

  1. How do i get my pages to show up on the menu bar? Is it possible to add a search box in the menu bar?

  2. How do i get the star rating to show up on the carousel and posts on the front page? Also is it possible to add text at the bottom of the carousel pics?

3)Is it possible to make the featured image center aligned? I have it setup now using the code below. And just adding the pic manually in the post itself but it would be easier if the featured image already aligned center.

.hentry .col-md-12 {
    display: none;


Thanks for any help,

  1. Just like any other theme. Create a menu from Appearance > Menus and assign it to the Primary Menu location. It is not possible to add a search box in the menu. Not by default anyway, you would need to do some customization work and make use of get_search_form().

  2. Have you had a chance to look at the documentation? Once you import the settings for the Custom Fields Suite plugin you’ll notice that you have a checkbox on your posts to show the stars on the index. You also need to activate home page setting from the YASR plugin, if it isn’t activated already.
    You can’t add text to the carousel by default, you would need to modify the /inc/carousel/carousel.php file.

  3. Yeah, you can center the featured image in case you’re not using the info tables seen in the demo.
    Remove the code you posted and add this instead:

.single-thumb {
    width: 100%;
    text-align: center;