A few questions related to Pro version

First of all, the free theme is amazing, but I would probably go for the PRO version in a couple of days.
I was wondering if there is a possibility to make all categories to look like the homepage and add adsense visual box in each category layout, including the homepage. I want it to be right aligned and always to be 3-rd post (fixed)…

One more question. If I install the full version, should I re-install all the plugins and do all the changes that I have done before?

P.S. - I am not a “Coder”.

My Website is: GPofBLANK


Yeap, the pro version lets you make all the categories look like the front page.
The adsense thing would not be possible. See here an example of adsense added to Alizee Pro.

You need to redo only the colors because it’s a different theme and the Customizer settings aren’t passed between themes.

Thanks for the fast response. It is highly appreciated.

By the way, are those ads added by a plugin or manual? I like it.

I think he’s using this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-publisher/

Hello. It’s me again. Can I change the (title color) for the slider only? Anyway, it doesn’t get my default titles color (grey) but it is still orange.
It would be great if you give me a code for custom CSS, cause it makes the things easier.
Apart from that the theme is great!


Sure, here you go:

.slide-info .entry-title a {
    color: #333;


How can I change the default font size to 14 (or it’s responsive equivalent) for all posts?
That one would be very useful, cause I am doing everything manual now… It is a bit time consuming…

The default font size is 14 :slight_smile:

Then 16 :smiley:

This would do it:

body {
   font-size: 16px;

I agree that the theme is great. Yes, I do use Google Publisher plugin. Are there better plugins out there?

I saw that G.Publisher’s rating is not a good one, therefore I discovered Ad Inserter.

Google Publisher was in beta up until now as far as I know, so it probably improved.

Thanks for the tip about Ad Inserter. Google Publisher has improved, as Vlad says, but you have very little control.

Take a look at its rating. :smiley:

2 more questions here:

  1. How to send featured image to RSS*.
  2. How to show Publicize links on front page (posts page). I think that one of my plugins “Excerpt” disables that somehow…

*I am using MailChimp Rss to Email Campaign.

Send featured images to RSS and then use them in Mailchimp would be extremely cool.

I found a plugin called “Send Image to RSS” but it doesn’t seem to work. May be the reason is that it is all about regular images, not featured…

This will probably do it and they say it works great with Mailchimp.