A few questions from a newbie-


Hey there,

Launching this site tomorrow: www.parfaitbeaucoup.com

A few questions:
I managed to make the opacity of the page entries to 65% based on something I saw in another forum.

  1. However, how can I extend this effect to the white background for embedded widgets? EX on the connect page the mailchimp/contact info widgets have solid white backgrounds.

  2. The background image that I’ve uploaded fades to black at the top. On my 13" MBP retina there is a white background when the image finishes. How can I set the background color to black even when I have background images enabled? I have the background color set to black in the customization panel but it doesn’t seem to apply the background BEHIND the background image. PS I don’t seem to have this issue when the page is scrolled all the way to the top, only when I start scrolling down is there an annoying white bar above the BG image changing the color of the header.

  3. I’ve removed all widgets from the sidebar so it doesn’t show up. I’m going for a really simple site. How can I align the pages to the center? As of now they’re aligned left and I would like them center, though to remain at the moderate width they currently are.

  4. How can I decrease the padding of the header so that my logo can fill it up to the edges? There’s like an inch on each side…

That should be good for now. Thanks so much for your help!



Use this in a custom CSS plugin:

.is-sticky {
   background-color: transparent;
.content-area {
    margin: 0 auto;
    float: none;

  1. You mean only top&bottom or left side also?