A Few Questions, Considering Purchase


Is the attribution removed in the paid version?

2.) Can the social icons be changed to open links in a new tab/window instead of taking users away from my site?

3.) I’d like to see screenshots of the Slider setup interface, and also better understand what the options and capabilities of it are.


1&2) They’re not available but can be easily added.
3) Here is a screenshot with the slider config: http://snag.gy/ONESw.jpg


OK, so what would need to be done to remove the attribution, and also to make the social icon links open in a new window/tab?

Also, I see that there’s a “Category” setting for the slider. I want the slider to show my “latest post(s)” regardless of category. Is that an option or does it require a category be selected?


We’re probably going to do an update tomorrow to add an option for the copyright text and also make the social links open in a new tab.

The slider shows posts only from a selected category, but it’s just a small code change if you want it to show all the posts. We don’t have this by default because it’s basically a bad idea, especially if you have tens or hundreds of posts.


OK, where can I look for the announcement on the changes? Just the theme page? Also, my only reason for wanting to use the slider is not to actually use it as a slider, but as a way to feature only my latest post, so it would only be just that one. So I really just want a top center, larger, more prominent post. I want somethi9ng like this that will be set to automatically feature whatever my latest post is, rather than having to do it manually each time. I’ve tried other themes that have a slider that will allow this by not forcing a category choice. I’m sorry that yours won’t allow that. Forcing a category just makes no sense to me to begin with.


So the new version is available now and it includes those options.


OK, does the Slider still force a category excluding all others?


It never forced a category, I’m not sure why I said it did. You can simply leave it unselected, make it display one post and it will show the last post, provided that it has a featured image.


That sounds good. One more thing I’ve noticed while using the Free version is that there is no choice to set the number of characters or words for the post summery/excerpt shown on the front/Home page, and no way to set it to “none” either. If the post doesn’t contain enough text to fill-out the summary/excerpt then the height of the box for that post section will be shorter than the others, which then forces the boxes to be staggered and become “messy” rather than lined straight across horizontally top and bottom the way I want them to be. Does the Pro version allow this to be set?


I’m sorry, but that’s the whole point of the theme. It’s a masonry theme, so the posts are meant to be of different heights and intercalate. Therefore there isn’t an option to set the excerpt, though it’s easily changeable from a child theme.


Oh I see. Do you have a different theme that has that capability already, or one that may suit my design goals better?

Here’s a site with the basic look and layout I’m going for.



Nope, Alizee is our only grid based theme. You might want to look at themes from other developers, I think this one is pretty close to what you want.