6 Questions

First of all, I want to congratulate you for the beautiful theme!

I need help with a few points:

1 - Is it possible to insert a logo (centered) on the left side of the bottom of the widget, which is written only the site name?

2 - It is possible I give this field mentioned above, a color different from that in the final liha footer? Or a separator line between these space and between ite name field and the main area of the page?

3 - Is it possible to insert another widget in the footer field, ie, the third field?

4 - Is it possible to insert an image to link the final line Site footer?

5 - What is the ideal size (dimensions) of images of blog posts?

6 - What is the size (dimensions) ideal of the logo?
I know there are many questions, but I’m learning on the subject.

Again, congratulations! And thank you!