502 Gateway Error when attempting to update Blog Form

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been having an issue for the last couple of months now when trying to update my website which is causing me to loose clients. My website is www.audiopharmacology.com

Problem details:

When updating the Events section which is a Blog form I receive a 502 Gateway Error. This happens constantly not allowing me to post any new information on the page.

Troubleshooting done on my end.

  1. I’ve tried updating the Events page on 2 different machines on my network and received the same error.
  2. Took my laptop to another location with different network and still received the same issue.
  3. I deactivated all the plugins and still got an error.
  4. I activated the two recommended plugin’s for your theme and left the others deactivated still receiving the same error.
  5. I called GoDaddy and they stated that they could reproduce the issue on their end.
  6. Performed pings and tracert to www.audiopharmacology.com with great response times.
  7. I also tried updating the page via two different browsers on two different machine on two different networks. (Safari and FireFox)

As you can see here it’s not the network or a particular machine that’s having the issue. The issue follows me on any machine I use and on any network. It has to point to the application since that’s the only common denominator in this equation. I hope you can help me resolve this troublesome issue.


Hello there,

Does this issue also to happen even with the default WordPress theme like Twenty Seventeen?