360° Panorama Viewer

I have just started working on Moesia and it seems to be the theme perfect for me.
I’d like to offer as header image something like 360° Panorama Viewer (example4): do you think that I could obtain something similar using Slider Revolution plugin included in Moesia Pro?
Should HTML5 Video Slider or Ken Burns Slider be two good solutions for me?



You could use a video. I don’t see how ken burns would help in your case.

Hi Vlad,
Thanks for your reply.
I ask two more suggestions:

  • do you know any app that could create an effect like in HTML5 video Slider example on a panoramic photo (I have only it: 14000x1400 px)?
  • I read that Moesia and Sydney are very similar: is it correct?


  • Not really sure what you mean. You could try using this plugin for panoramas. Can’t really heulp much here but what I can tell you is that if you’re going to use such a huge picture then you probably shouldn’t have too much other content on your page.
  • They are somewhat similar. The main difference is that Sydney has the row options created as settings for the page builder plugin, rather than having them in the Customizer.