3 things and im done:

We talked earlier about making the fp-services fully clickable. it worked in the old version but when I updated it changed it and the coding is just a bit off then what it use to be and I cant get it to work.

when you get to my page and scroll down from the image, the menu like shutters, and glitchs the page a bit. its not very noticeable and happens when the menu gets to the top of the page.

  1. Id like to have the menu appear at the bottom a bit so people know to scroll down. so not wanting the whole screen image. want some menu on the bottom when they first load my page.

If you can help me that would be great, but I also know some of this stuff I should know and learn. So no worries if you cant help me on all 3


  1. Yeap, you lose code changes when you update the theme. That’s why I recommended using a child theme.
    The new code for fp-services.php does exactly the same thing, only difference is that it runs some filters. Here is the old code, copy it in the widget and do the changes.
  2. I don’t see a glitch there. I’m guessing you had different paddings for sticky/non-sticky modes and now you’ve set them at the same value.
  3. You can add this to your custom CSS and play with the value:

#slides {
     max-height: 500px;

Been trying to get the " see all our services" button removed. Any help on that?

You just need to remove the link for the button from the services widget.

Left blank I get a
[Defaults to See all our services if left empty]

I still see the link in the button on your website. We’re talking about this, right?

at the bottom of the “services” page. where it says “see all other services”

Yeah, that’s what I’m looking at and I still see the link in your button. Send an admin account for me at vlad[at]athemes.com and I’ll remove it for you.


Alright, it’s done. As I said, the URL was still there inside the widget settings.

oh ok I had a link in the "Enter the URL for your services page. Useful if you want to show here just a few services, then send your visitors to a page that uses the services page template. "
area I believe.

well. ill say it. im a idiot for not seeing that or thinking that.
some reason I thought the other field was the one that was suppose to be blank. not both.

I really do appreciate you dealing with my idiotism.