3 small template problems

Hi there,

I am building my site www.ericteeuwen.nl and have a few small problems. I already followed the video’s, reinstalled the template and imported the .xml files again but that didn’t help out.

  • The text animation doesn’t work.

  • On smaller screensizes the header image doesn’t fill out the screen and the background color becomes visible.

  • Is it possible to remove the background space between the header image and the footer? There’s no other content to show but the space is still visible.

Thanks in advance,

Hello there,

  • You have to follow the format of the input text for the text animation. Please use this format when you add the text animation (customize > header area > animated string):
    [“first string”, “second string”]

  • There is two option to displaying the header image (you can set this from customize > header area > “Check this box to set [background-size: cover] instead of [background-size: contain] for the header image”

Its using css rule, you can read the details here www.w3schools.com/cssref/css3_pr_background-size.asp

And I just checking your site, but I there is no background color displayed when I resize the browser

  • seems like you already fix it? :slight_smile:

Hi Awan,

Thanks for the reply. You can mark this one as solved because it’s working now.


Happy to hear that this is already solved.

Have a nice day!