3 columns on category page

Can someone help me to get instead of two columns three, because there is so much space left on the right side.
I thought about getting a sidebar there but that won´t work either.

Thanks already!

my side: www.freebirdnumberone.com


Just checked your site, and I think its because you have applied these css code in your site?

@media only screen and (min-width: 992px)
#primary.col-md-9 {
    width: 75%;

To fix this, please add the css code below:

#primary.col-md-9.masonry-layout {
    width: 100%;


oh yes I did put that in there because I wanted to have masonry grid style PLUS the sidebar on the blogpage but I see that this is going to confuse my category page because somehow there was not sidebar working, anyways thank you the three columns worked!

Great! Just visits your page and it displayed in 3 column :slight_smile: