2 versions of revolution slider frontpage for desktop and mobile

Hi, i would like to use 2 different revolution slider frontpages with moesia pro. One for desktop and one for mobile. for this i follow the instructions of revolution slider to create an alternative mobile slider which means i will have 2 shortcodes for the frontpage slider (for mobile and for desktop)and from there i will use css to show or hide the respective slider.

So i deactivated the revolution slider frontpage on the theme settings (because i can only give one shortcode there, right?) and installed instead an extra row with text widget (or visual editor) - there i put the slider shortcode (template frontpage) to see if it works.

it does, but it sort of messes up the navigation and also the slider format. what should i do ?
thanks in advance

That’s strange. Can you please send an admin account to vlad[at]athemes.com so I can have a look?
Not sure what you mean about the format though, you mean that it’s not full width or what exactly?

cool, i just sent you an admin account
you will see the format changes, when the slider is activated as frontpage slider via page / home / page builder or otherwise just by activating the checkbox revolution slider on the theme settings

Okay, I changed the menu to be displayed on top from Customize > Menu and now it shows. The thing is that you’re using in your child theme an older version of the header.php file which had an issue when there was no header image set and the menu was set to display below the header image.

I added some CSS to your child theme for the slider widget to make it full width. Should be okay now?

ok, great, nearly there!
i deleted the header.php from the child
the menu i wanted not to be displayed on the top, but only when you scroll down - as in the moesia pro demo. so i unchecked the settings box menu on top. but it is still there.
and before the slider adjusted it s height to the screen, but that s probably due to the menu which is now on top
so this we still need to solve

The top and bottom options for the menu mean the same thing in your case because you don’t have a header. The revolution slider is in a widget on your site because you said you needed two of them. So the menu is first, then the widgets come starting with Revolution cause that’s the first widget.

yes, i understood that from the beginning,so i was wondering whether there was a way to twitch it, i mean to get the menu under the first widget to keep the full screen appearance without menu at the top… and yes i am working on the second slider for the mobile, so i need two.
if it is to complicated i ll have to live with it, but it would be great to have the option of having 2 frontpage rev sliders - for desktop and mobile…

i mean, maybe just to tell it by css to use the other rev slider for the header?

Actually, it should be easy to do since you already have a child theme, although it would be a bit manual. Might not be a bad idea to add it as an option in a future update. Anyway, for now copy header-rev.php in your child theme and look for this code:

<?php $alias = get_theme_mod('rev_alias'); ?>
<?php if ($alias) : ?>
    <?php putRevSlider($alias) ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Replace it with this and add your aliases:

<?php if ( wp_is_mobile() ) : ?>
    <?php putRevSlider("youraliasformobile") ?>
<?php else : ?>
    <?php putRevSlider("youraliasfordesktop") ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Let me know how it goes.

it works perfect, thanks a million