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This is the link to my site.

  1. Why is it posibble to scroll to right? Is it a bug or did i do something wrong?

  2. I made 3 testimonials and only the latest is visible. What should i do to have them all visible?

p.s. i am only experimening and therefore there is no child theme yet.



  1. We just added multiple columns support in the latest version, which is not yet live. But you can get it from here if you want.

  2. If you didn’t make any changes and you’re sure you’ve published, they should appear.

Hi Vlad,

I installed Moesia 1.11 and the first problem is fixed thanx.

The seccond problem remains. I have 3 testimonials published and only the latest is visible live.

When I changed the publishing date of the testimonial then again the theme chooses the latest post I shows only one.

I persume that only one widget in the pagebuilder is needed to display all, just like with the services widget…?

Yeap, just one widget is needed. I’m not sure what the problem could be, but feel free to make an admin account for me and send it to vlad[at]athemes.com and I’ll take a quick look.

Hi Vlad,

Thx for the help, I sent You an email with account info to my website.


Not sure why exactly it wasn’t working for you, but I’ve set the posts_per_page argument in the code for the testimonials widget and now it’s fine.

Standby a bit, I wanna see something else.

EDIT: Alright, I’ve added the code again. You’re good to go.

Indeed Everything is working properly :slight_smile: Merci Vlad!

Hi there Vlad,

  1. Just updated Moesia to version 1.12 and the problem with the tetimonials is back. Only 1 is showing in stead of 4.

How or rather where do I add the post per page arguent?

is there a custom CSS code?

  1. There is something wrong with the Footer widget B. I have added google maps to it, and it works fine on the front page, but it is totally lost on other pages.

Website: Jullo.nl


  1. Yeah, I didn’t change this in the update because basically it works as it is.
    I logged in and changed it back for you, I’ll make a note to change this anyway in the next update.

  2. I’m guessing this is solved? I’m seeing it fine on all pages.

Hi Vlad,

  1. solved :slight_smile:

  2. not really it zooms totally out. I see the whole world instead of just my neighberhood.

I’m seeing the same thing on both front and secondary pages. Next to the S118 road. Anyway, this would be more like a plugin issue than a theme issue.