2 Problems - Help Needed


Please check http://www.mindlinks.in/

  1. I’m not able to see the orange button which comes in the section “Services” of the 6 menus I can see that only on the topic “Quit Smoking” I have lost that after the update.
  2. When you see the section “Why Mindlinks?” You can see that all of the bars are cluttered, How can I solve them.
    Waiting for a response.



  1. You’ve lost the buttons after the update because I made them not show if anything isn’t added in the service icon field. You haven’t lost that one because you have content added in it, although not a valid icon. It is mentioned in the theme too, but here’s the icon list here.

  2. There seems to be a space issue there. Add this for the moment to your CSS:

.skills-list .col-md-2 {
   clear: left;


Thank You for the support It worked like a charm.