2 issues

Hey devs.

Having 2 problems with Alizee theme.
First, see here: http://purrfectlove.net/cat-care/
CSS on categories is a mess. If possible, I’d like to just hide the sidebar and have it full width.

Second, I cannot seem to remove the sidebar toggle (+) on the homepage. How can I?


That’s strange.
Add this to your stylesheet please:

.archive .hentry {
    overflow: hidden;

For the toggle you can remove your widget or add this:

.sidebar-toggle {
    display: none;

That works, thanks!
Another issue I just noticed, /wp-admin/customize.php? no longer works for this theme. Just displays this -> https://gfxf.net/image/6d

Any ideas why?

That’s not theme related. It doesn’t stop working by itself. Check your plugin please.