2 issues: Categories and Header on non-frontpage


Firstly awesome theme you got here. I’m using it here http://RoundAbout.my and still a work in progress.

I got 2 quick questions which i could not figure out:

a) I have assigned categories to my posts but when clicking on the categories menu i can’t see any posts and got a page not found.

For example: http://roundabout.my/index.php/category/yourstories/

b) Is it possible to disable the header on pages/posts which are not the front page. I love the header but was wondering whether the header can only be for the front page.

Thanking you in advance.


Ignore the first question. Got it figured out with Permalinks :slight_smile:

Hello for second question you can use this plugin for add

.has-banner .site-branding {
  display: none!important;

for pages you dont want to show header