2 Columns

I saw some previous forum posts about columns but am a bit confused:

I created a new page,added a row with 2 columns (50% - 50%) via page builder and had each have a text field and a image (PB) field,
goal was this : http://www.thehaloagency.com/contact-us/

result was this: http://oy-oy-oy.com/xx/?page_id=275

[at the bottom of the page I added a screen shot for you to see what I did - this is of course not part of the page]

We didn’t actually had support for multiple columns until yesterday. You can download the latest version from here. It should go live in a few days.

It would probably be best if you add two rows, each with two columns.

Thx Vlad - I tried to install but got “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.”

I will wait until you push 1.11 live



Happy to say it finally went live.

Thanks Vlad - I just loaded it;


I tried to fix the issue that the text runs to wide with 5 columns but with no success

Screen shot of set-up is here

I’m not sure I understand. If you use just two columns what exactly don’t you like about it? That the text goes too close to the margins of the screen?