100% wide. No Borders for main content?

Hi People,

I’d like to use the 100% width for the main content (as the header) on my sites. I’m trying with ".page-wrap {width:100%} " and it works very well. BUT there are still a little bit border.
Could u tell me please how could I do it? Wich would be the right class? How do I get it really with NO borders ?

Thanks from Germany


Can you share your site URL here?


Hi Awan. Im Working on it now. The Web is stilnot online. I send u now a screenshotimage . I hope its helpful
Id simply like to use the area for the main content 100% wide (as the header for example)

Thank u so much


I ca’t do anything if I didn’t see it directly.
But, you can try to adjust the CSS rule for that. Try to find a padding or a margin CSS rule for that part and set it’s value to 0

Hi Awan,

I set the website online. (Some / Many errors still there )
i send u here the link.
Thank u so much :slight_smile:


Thank you.

I’ve checked some pages on your site but can’t see the issue you mentioned above.
Did you already resolve it?


Hi Awan,
no. I think there was a problem ith the communication.
My question again: Id like to use the 100% width of my page container (Sydney Pro). I tried it with the "content-wrapper " class. It worked but there is still a small margin.
Thanks for ur help

Oh I see… please try this CSS code below:

.page-template-page_fullwidth .content-wrapper.container {
    width: 100%;

If the code is not working, please try to clear the site cache.


Hi Awan,

sorry. I didnt see the notification of yours answer.
It worked! Thank u so much really!

Greetings from Germany! :slight_smile:

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