1/2 and 1/3 sections do not float correctly


When using widgetized page and I add e.g sections, I’m getting the last section wrong. It seems like the sections are put one pixel wrong (I can see a tiny white line at the first sections left side.

Any idea what to fix this ? I think there is something with flex … ?!



In what browser and screen size are you checking please? I’ve had a look at your site and they look fine.

They are indeed done with flex.

I’ve identified the issue to be in Safari only. It’s now fixed and I’ve re-uploaded the theme. You can re-download the theme or you can go to our demo site, inspect the source and copy and replace the whole stylesheet.
Thank you for letting us know about this!


Thanks for looking into this. After You did some changes, I now get the 3 sections up correctly, but there are WHITE lines at the left of section 1 and to right of section 3.

If I reduse the brower window, the the WHITE lines disappear.

Yes, I use Safari, but saw this in Chrome too.

Chrome doesn’t show the white lines for me, not matter what window size I set.
They do show in Safari but I can’t do anything about that right now. I’ll probably try a JS solution